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Bullying has been widely studied across the world and is recognized as a serious social issue associated with a range of short -and long- termacademic, physical health, mental health, interpersonal, behavioral, and psycho social problems among the youth who are victims of bullying.

So, because of the importance of the phenomenon of school violence, we organized a bullying prevention program, in the context of implementation of the European program: Europe?s Anti-bullying Campaign, ?e-abc?, which is is organized by the Daphne III program and ?THE SMILE OF THE CHILD?, which is a non-profit voluntary Organization, in Greece. 

Eugenia Adamopoulou created animated videos which were based on the Interactive Training Tool of the ?e-abc? program. The purpose of showing these videos is the substantial understanding from behalf of students of the Bullying phenomenon through their direct participation. Eugenia created two main stories-videos, one of which is presenting an incident of physical, psychological and verbal violence, while the other one deals with an incident of cyber bullying. In both videos we have the possibility to attend the story from the viewpoint of all three protagonists: the child who bullies the bullied child and the observer. The user of the videos has the possibility to choose each time the view point from which he/she wishes to attend the story, while at the same time there is the possibility to choose the progress of the story depending on the ?protagonists? reactions? which are provided.


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